Inner child…


 Whilst in a local opticians, I was looking to buy a new pair of glasses. There were several to choose from and so I enlisted the help of my 3-year-old daughter, Lucy. Without hesitation, she picks a pair of bright orange Mr Tickle glasses. I pointed out that apart from being quite small, they wouldn’t suit mummy. It made laugh because I realised that children see the fun in everything and we adults often take life too seriously.

 So last week, I released my inner child and was reversed my pram out of my front door, pretending to be a train, shouting “choo choo choo choo”, much to the bemusement of my opposite neighbour, who looked at me like I was a little mad. Maybe I am, I often act the fool and dance around the kitchen to make my children laugh, but if I am honest, it can be liberating to loose your inhibitions. Even my language can be child-like, I am so used to driving a broom broom that the word car often escapes me. When walking with out my children, it’s my automatic response to say: “woof woof” when I see a canine!

 I tell my children to be honest and not tell lies and my daughter has heeded my advice quite literally. She says exactly what she sees, without sparing anyone’s blushes. Whilst out and about I hear “Mummy, he’s got a very red face,” and in a supermarket, whilst deciding which mushrooms to pick, Lucy tugs at my coat and says: “she is a very big lady,” so I did what I thought was best and pretended I didn’t hear and so she shouts even louder: “I said, she is a VERY BIG LADY”. As adults we are trained to hide our true feelings, but children don’t have a façade. We may think it, but children have the honesty and innocence to say it.

 As a rule, children bounce out of bed happy and excited about the brand new day, where as us tired adults crawl out of bed dwelling on the problems that lie ahead.

 We are forever teaching our children about the dangers of life from crossing the road to stranger danger and yet sometimes we should take a step back and focus on the fun in life, see the world through our children’s eyes and not take life so seriously. Maybe I should have picked the Mr Tickle glasses after all . . .


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