Frumpy mummy or yummy mummy?


Many mums I know admit to being more frumpy mummy than yummy mummy – a phrase I am not the greatest fan of.  But, before I tar all mum’s with the same brush , there’s a valid reason why every-day mums don’t grace the front pages of Vogue…practicality over vanity!

Once your beautiful baby pops out , you no longer become a slave to fashion, but a slave to your bundle of joy. Loose fitting trousers seem a wonderful alternative to tight, brilliant white Ralph Lauren jeans. Rather than wearing make up to accentuate your eyes, we’re more likely to wear concealer to hide the dark bags resulting from sleep deprivation .

As much as it would be wonderful to wear the latest en-trend Jimmy Choos, pushing a buggy in 6 inch heels, isn’t easy. Mums also have fewer incentives to dress up , picking up your children from the school gates doesn’t really warrant raiding your wardrobe for a trendy pencil skirt and racy-lacy blouse.

Although once, I did decide to make an effort and wore a dress , but when I turned up to the school gates, I was regarded as an imposter. I faced a barrage of questions, was it my Birthday or had I been to a job interview? The real answer was I fancied a change. After feeling far too conspicuous I rushed home and changed into my familiar, comfortable jeans.

I find throughout the day, my once fresh laundered top becomes un-recognisable. I’ve often left the house sporting a yoghurt-splattered top. But mum’s are great, they don’t point it out, because they’ve been there too. Some days it’s an achievement to walk out of the door with brushed hair, not to mention a dressed child.

The lack of “me-time” is another issue against us mums being style icons. We don’t have time to coiffure our hair or colour co-ordinate our nails with our handbag – which incidentally , after becoming a mum metamorphoses into a huge, ugly nappy bag. Now, as I step over the threshold of a hairdressers , it’s to cut my daughter’s fringe rather than treating myself to a new hair-do.

It’s all very well for celebrity mums with glossy hair and designer clothes looking great because they have a team of stylists paid to make them look perfect. Back in the real world, we wake up at ridiculous O’clock and grab the first thing we see. For me, it’s a T-shirt  and jeans rather than a gold Stella McCartney trouser suit.

So, there you have it fellow mums. I am sure some of us may argue they are dedicated followers of fashion and that’s great, but when it comes to wearing the latest trends, I don’t think I am alone in admitting I have lost my way.

I firmly believe it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. If you can find a bag which matches your pram – you have style!


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